Hospitality Consulting

Hospitality Consulting

Hospitality Consulting involves providing professional advice to investors or individuals interested in entering the hospitality industry, as well as helping hotels or resorts, generally independent, which are already operating.

Christeans Hospitality Support can provide advise, among other things, related to:

  • Forecasting project profitability
  • Defining the right concept
  • improve operative results and adapt to current demands

  • Developing solutions for any scenario
  • Developing business strategies
  • Developing and implementing marketing and sales programs.
  • Consultancy, advisory and design programs to bridge the gap between current and desired situation
  • Coaching, guidance and training (different levels)
  • The development of management, supervisory and know-how skills
  • The improvement of organizational communications
  • The increasing of employee motivation
  • Achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty from them

Below an impression of some companies with whom I have worked together

Project Details

Active Rubber

Chief Operating Officer

Active Rubber is an innovative company with the focus on the recycling of rubber tracks in a sustainable way.

  • The expansion of the company‚Äôs customer base and the market segment. Developing business strategies and implementing marketing and sales programs.

Heide Park Resort

Commercial Supervisor

The second largest German leisure and theme park.

A total of 40 rides. 680 beds large 4 star-hotel.

A Holdiay Camp with a total of 81 wooden houses.

  • Coaching, guidance and training (different levels)

Address: Raadhuisstraat 10 L,    9321 BB, Peize


Hospitality Support

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