Interim Management

Interim Management

Interim management skills are more than a track record of delivery at executive level.

You need to overlay your own professional experience with a set of important attributes,

which aren't necessarily unique to a role as an interim manager, but are essential if you want to be a successful interim manager.

  • Continuous improvement and change management skills
  • Effective communication skills

  • Strategic thinking

  • Flexibility and adaptability

  • Outcomes focused

Below an impression of some companies with whom I have worked together

Project Details

Qurios Ameland

Park management / Pre-Opening

  • 123  comfortable houses. Brasserie. Parkshop. Playground.

Landal Greenparks

Park management

  • 270 bungalows. Brasserie. Parkshop. Swimmingpool. Beauty and Wellness. Playground.

Serengeti Park Hodenhagen GmbH

Park management

  • Europe's largest and unique safari park. Over 1,500 wild and exotic animals from different countries in a natural environment! 4 different theme worlds. Over 40 attractions. Over 200 accommodations on various areas.

Schloss Krugsdorf

Park management / Pre-Opening

  • 35 rooms. 4 suites. 18 hole Golfcourse. Wellness.

Honors & Awards

Deutschland Land der Ideen

  • Excellent place! Schloss Krugsdorf.

Address: Raadhuisstraat 10 L,    9321 BB, Peize


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